Sunday, December 14, 2008

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Today I haven't been following the events in Athens. I just needed a break to do something else otherwise I risk burning out. I did do an interview with a local newspaper but I have had to take a step back. Yesterday I did go on a protest march which went along the sea front here in Thessaloniki which despite a few tense moment passed off without serious incident.

There have been clashes in Athens in Exarchia according to the Greek channels as long as peaceful demos in the central Syntagma Square. I just found video of my interview with Sky Channel earlier this week. Thanks to Asteris for that. BTW he and a handful of other Greek bloggers have literally been working night and day to get news out from the city and have been a far more reliable source of information than the mainstream media.

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Newty said...


can you name some of the other blogs(if they're not greek, of course ;-) )

You are doing awesome work here - when I hear something about riots and demonstrations from Greece here in Germany it's always the same "There was something peaceful(10 seconds), but there was lots of violence(adjust the viewtime of these pictures from 20 to 50 seconds)"