Friday, December 19, 2008

Day of Rage - Greek riots: Day 2

I was just going through pictures I have taken over the last two weeks. It seems like all this started two years ago so intense has the experience been.

One day 'll get round to putting all this down on paper.


Anonymous said...

thank you for all the info on the uprising. keep it up!

can you comment on:

1. what are the unions doing, how are they being engaged by the radical left, and are there any plans for a more sustained general strike against the government?

2. how are the youth and students and unemployed organizing? are they holding mass assemblies in schools and neighbourhoods? or what?

how are the mass actions being organized and decided upon?

is everything just random and arbitrary, or is there organization, planning, strategy, etc?

lastly, is there talk of revolution? or just toppling the current government? or what? is there a general and accepted goal of the protests? or is it just rage and anger?

teacher dude said...

Big questions which I am ill equipped to answer. There are a wide range of groups organising protests. Trade unions, various communist parties and other political groups. It is very diffuse and so it is hard to generalise.