Friday, October 24, 2008

The picture I didn't take

I'm rushing from Menimene, desperately trying to get to my next lesson on time, swearing that this time I won't be late no matter what they traffic is like. Damn, the cars in front of me slow down, meaning I have to once again weave through the semi-parked vehicles ahead. Suddenly, I see an old man in a wheel chair rolling down the middle of the dual carriageway, forcing cars to swerve left and right. I get off the bike and waving frantically at the oncoming traffic manage to get to the guy before he gets hit.

I have no idea what he's saying to me (some language I don't get) . All I understand through his gesturing is that he wants to get to the crossroads half a kilometre behind me. A group of four people sat idly next to their car on the other side of the road following the scene with a bored kind of curiosity. I curse them under my breathe, despising their polished indifference.

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VasilikiZ said...

A very strong text that brings a very strong picture as well to life...Another issue Greece will never try to solve,another day in this jungle