Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Yesterday's news

Yesterday's news, originally uploaded by Teacher Dude's BBQ.

"A gifted student who was brutally beaten after breaking up a street row last month has died of his injuries.

Joseph Dymond-Williams, 17, tried to stop an argument between a woman and her boyfriend on June 22, but was punched then kicked in the head by two other men."

See here for the rest of the Channel 4 story.

The wreaths are gradually withering away and most people seem to be indifferent as to why they were placed there in the first place. Ironically, I witnessed a near perfect re-run of the crime (thankfully without the tragic ending) when walking through Bedminster this evening. A young couple were arguing. Actually, the guy was shouting and screaming at his girlfriend. He swore that he'd never hit women then spat in her hair as she walked ahead. When a passer - by intervened the two men shouted and swore at each other, The boyfriend insulting the other man but always making sure he kept his distance. A pathetic little excuse of a human being.

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