Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bedminster dreams

Bedminster dreams, originally uploaded by Teacher Dude's BBQ.

East St, Bedminster. Also known as the Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

Well, I'll say one thing for this place, it's not dull, which is definitely a step up from when I lived here permanently and thought that I would die of boredom. I managed to see a car accident, another man being dragged semi - comatose out of the middle of the road in a drug/alcohol induced stupor (don't worry he revived soon enough), got propositioned by a woman who I don't think was collecting for Friends of the Earth and saw a fight. Not bad for a three hour stroll at midday.

When most people go on a photowalk they usually have fluffy animals or historic sites in mind. For me things usually turn out a mite differently

Boulevard Of Broken Dreams - Green Day


deviousdiva said...

love this photo !

It's so.... english !

teacher dude said...

I just got lucky. As I was taking a breathr on a bench i saw the woman looking wistfully at the shop window.