Thursday, July 17, 2008

When in England

You know you're in England when;

- it's 14c outside, raining and the guy in front of you is wearing a hoody, raincoat, Bermuda shorts and flip flops.

- anything, and I mean anything can be turned into a sandwich. Sushie sarnie anyone?

- the TV is full of chefs cooking wonderful dishes whilst the audiences stuffs themselves with crisps, pot noodles and microwaved hamburgers.

- your umbrella has not left your side for weeks and it's July.

- you go to a demo and it's so quiet you think you've joined a funeral procession by mistake.

- whatever media you choose to use and abuse has exactly the same stories, just in a slightly jumbled order.


Mitch said...

Hey Craig, I am sorry that I haven't asked you. I am posting these pictures trough scribtfire, a blog client for firefox which allows me to easily integrate pictures from flickr (I do not even see the photographers name or a link to flickr). I wouldn't do this on a big blog, this is only a private journal for about 10readers/day
But you're right, I have to think about licences.

greetings, mitch

Devious Diva said...

What can I say ?



dorapap said...

you should know better!!