Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sipa Press photographer arrested and beaten while taking photos inside port

Once again the Greek law enforcement authorities have covered themselves in glory. This time arresting then beating handcuffed French photographer, Oliver Jobard who was covering a story on Afghan refugees in the port city of Patras. It's almost a year since I suffered similar treatment (see here) at the hands of the Greek riot police for taking pictures during a peaceful demo. You have no idea how much I hate these knuckle grazing, corrupt neanderthals.

"French photographer Olivier Jobard of the Sipa Press agency was arrested and beaten by a coastguard officer on 4 July while taking photos in the port of Patras, in northern Peloponnese, for a report on immigrants. Detained by the police on charges of “resisting an authority” and “physical injury,” he was released the next day pending a trial, which was due to begin today.

For years, a special permit has for been necessary for anyone taking photos within Greece’s ports, which are regarded as military or high-security areas.

Jobard told Reporters Without Borders that Sipa Press requested a permit for him but it had not been issued by the time he needed to begin working. He took photos without any problem on 3 July, when he was questioned twice by port guards and was allowed to continue working after showing them, at their request, the pictures he had been taking.

See here for the rest of the story from Reportage Sans Frontiers"

Thanks to Devious Diva for putting me onto the story.

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