Monday, June 02, 2008

Devious Diva

One of the blogs that I have been following for as long as I have been blogging is Devious Diva's This Is Not My Country which has to be one of the best ones on Greece around. It deals mainly which human rights issues here in Greece and it always informed, accurate and passionate. I know that writing about subjects like this is not always easy, especially as a foreigner and Diva has had more than her fair share of trolls threats and insult from far right wingbats and other nationalist nutcases. However, she still keeps on writing about the kind of stuff that many would quite happily see swept under the carpet.

In addition to being a passionate blogger she is also a very good photographer (click here to see her pictures) and her work is currently being exhibited in Athens. It shows the conditions in which many Rom are forced to live in the capital.


deviousdiva said...

Thank you so much, Teacher Dude. I really appreciate your wonderful words and your support of the work I am trying to do.

I received a very threatening comment last week and although I haven't written publicly about it, it has been reported and I am waiting for a response from the service provider of the individual. I have some computer savvy people working on it with me. Rather than feeling intimidated and frightened I decided I needed to take action. It's empowering.

I am still surprised by the venom that my blog seems to attract but lots of my supporters have said to me that I must be doing something right if it does !

Anyway, thanks again for this post. Perhaps one day we will be able to have a joint exhibition: "Bloggers Take Pictures" !???

teacher dude said...

I would love to take part in an exhibition with you. I hope everything works out well as far as the latest troll incident.