Saturday, May 31, 2008

Not exactly your average Friday.

Well, yesterday was just full of different impressions and meetings. I started off with a lesson in the centre discussing eating out in Verona and Greece's chances in the European football championships and afterwards bumped into one of my students who was helping to organise an anti-smoking campaign in Aristotelous Square (which in Greece definitely comes under the heading of lost causes. I swear people would smoke in their sleep if they could).

Later I popped by the Fair Trade shop on Vyronou St and in between chatting with the guys there managed to take some pictures of those present. Then later on after some more lessons it was onto a open air discussion on the signficance of May 1968 organised by the SYRIZA party in Navarinou square. There I bumped into another friend and a lively conversation over beer and chocolate ensued.

Finally, I ended up listening to live music in the university, drinking beer and discussing the various ways remedies for tear gas with a bunch of students I'd met via Flickr.

Representative of today's Anti-Smoking Campaign



ILIAS said...

Good evening!

I would like to take the honor and invite you to a photographic exhibition organised by the Fotografiko Ergastiri Kalamarias where I am teaching Photoshop, taking place next Saturday June 7th, 8 pm.
Unfortunately I will no be there to meet you in person and congratulate you on your work because I have to cover a wedding at the same time. But if you cannot attend the opening you can visit any time until June 15th from 17:00 to 22:00. The exhibition takes place at Koitones Stratopedou Kodra at the end of Sofouli str. Kaalamaria. Have a nice evening

dorapap said...

Hey! I haven't seen you for a while! Glad you had a "colorful" Friday!! Give me a call!!!