Friday, March 07, 2008

Strikes out power in Greece

Black out

For the third day running large areas of Greece have been without electricity. Strike action by the power worker's union, GENOP - DEH has meant that power outages have hit many areas of the country. The strike was called in protest against the governement's plans to merge worker's pension funds with the state run IKA system.

In a sudden u-turn today the state - run power company (DEH) has withdrawn it's attempts to have the courts rule the strike action illegal after high level DEH management staff refused to testify against the GENOP - DEH union in court according the GENOP website.

The power outages are just part of a wider series of strike action by public sector workers that have affected Greece over the last few weeks so adding to the conservative New Democracy government's woes. Rocked by sex and finance scandals prime minister Kostas Karamanlis is facing a difficult time pushing through parliament unpopular pension reforms.

Strikes out power in Greece Strikes out power in Greece Strikes out power in Greece

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Cheryl said...

So -that's it! I couldn't figure out why we've been out of power 3 days in a row! Ugh.

surfmadpig said...

I'm starting to like this lack of power (as long as it stays 2-hrs per day that is). It gave me a chance to actually relax, makes the ambiance much quieter and older people seem to be friendlier, without their televisions to depend on.