Friday, March 14, 2008

Picasso rated R for Greek students

An exhibition of work by by Picasso in the northern Greek city of Thessaloniki has been judged unsuitable for high school students.

The director of the secondary education in East Thessaloniki, Mr Theodoros Tapanidis withdrew approval for the participation of junior and senior high school students in the exhibition, Picasso 347 Suite at the Telleiogleio Art Foundation. Mr Tapanidis told the Makedonia newspaper that he was responding to telephone calls by parents and students that the exibition contained "indecent images" He is quoted as saying; "Just because its Picasso, when there is an exhibition we can just show the children anything?"

The ban sparked a stream of protests by local politicians and educators who have condemned the decision as censorship and "medieval".

However, Museum official today said that the ban had been lifted and that students were once again able to visit the gallery, as long as their teachers approved.

The Picasso 347 Suite exhibition, which contains 347 pieces created by Picasso in 1968, will be open to the public until 16th April

Picasso rated R for Greek students Picasso rated R for Greek students

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