Sunday, February 03, 2008


Hooligans, originally uploaded by Teacher Dude's BBQ.

I've been looking through my photos with view to putting on an exhibition. Of all the pictures and all the tragic situations I've covered this is the one that brings back the worse memories. Minutes after I took this I was beaten badly enough that to be hospitalised and then arrested by the MAT (Greek riot police) simply for taking pictures during a peaceful demonstration (click here for more details).

Today in Athens members of the far right organisation Xrysi Avgi (I will not link to these b#st#rds)fought with left wing organisations. The TV has shown again and again these far right thugs joining the riot police in order to beat their "opponents".

If that wasn't enough there were pictures of the MAT beating bystanders even after the situation had calmed down (see here for the video).

Once again I see the representatives of the police unions saying that that they did nothing wrong. Whilst eye witnesses describe how the police handed out weapons and tear gas to the far right demonstrators.


surfmadpig said...

the good news this time is that many tv reporters did point out the connection between hrisi avgi & the cops. it's about time the tv-watching crowd got some real info.

in other news, it was also very satisfying to see a left-wing representative (didn't catch the exact group) calling Hhrisi Avgi "maxairovgaltes" live. Even though it will probably amoutn to nothing. very satisfying.

teacher dude said...

Unfortunately, I doubt if anything will come of this. The officer in charge of those cops who brutally beat the Cypriot student last November here in Thesssaloniki was promoted and the other cop caught on video abusing detainees in the Omonaia polics station was acquitted.

Likewise the district attorney here in Thessaloniki has seemingly forgotten about my case. It's been two months since I filed suit and nothing has happened.

surfmadpig said...

:\ sorry to hear that...