Friday, February 01, 2008

Another day, another accident

I knew it was too good to be true. Once again rushing from one end of the city to the other today I was pleasantly surprised not to be caught up in another traffic jam on the ring road caused by an accident. I can't remember the last time that happened.

But, of course this wasn't to last, coming back along the same road I instantly hit a long tail back As I inched along I saw another accident on one of the side roads. A head on collision which must have just happened as both drivers were still screaming into their mobile phone, pausing briefly only to yell at each other. However, that wasn't the cause of the delay. Most of the ring road was thrown into grid - lock by another unconnected accident in which a lorry and a couple of passenger cars had collided.

Just please don't call these things accidents. These are the products of finely tuned, high performance human folly. When you bolt along at twice the permitted speed limit while;

Chatting on your mobile/picking your nose/texting your girlfriend/searching for a better radio station/using rude hand gestures to show your contempt for those drivers who don't feel the need to joining you in your suicide attempt/practicing your chicane handling skills,

And you crash, this is not an accident, it's probability telling you you're time is up.

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Wherlock's Ramblings! said...

Nothing really suprise's me on the roads anymore, in some respects I'm glad I dont drive! In England over past few days we have had a lorry, damage a bridge which caused a train to crash, accidents on the motorways. It just goes to show how careless some people are when driving, and dont consider other road users!