Thursday, February 14, 2008


I'm fuming. I just got off the phone with my daughter who was in tears because she had lost her notebook. I asked her why she was so upset since it's just a notebook. Then it came out. Her English teacher has been terrorising the eight year olds in her charge, pulling ears, pulling hair. My heart breaks when I hear her tell me such things.

I swear if she lays a finger on my daughter I will go first to the local police station to press charges and then hire a lawyer and make sure her life is very uncomfortable for the forseeable future.

This kind of low key violence is endemic in schools here.


toomanytribbles said...

the older generations in greece remember quite a lot of this abuse.

any teacher administering violence in this way should be removed from the classroom and have charges of assault brought against them.

Devious Diva said...

This is horrible TD.

How common do you think this is ?

I have heard some things from the kid and his friends (not about his particular teacher but about one at his school). It consists of "screaming" at them, dragging them off their chairs into the corner and even throwing things at them. I will look into it now even though my kid doesn't attend his class

Physical punishment is illegal in Greece as in the rest of Europe I believe.

You are right to find out what is going on and pursue this. Our children are at risk in a place that should be taking care of them. After all, the school is their legal guardian while they are there ?

I hope your daughter is alright. How scary this must be for her and her classmates. I am disgusted by this behavior. And in a country that professes to love children ?

dorapap said...

Unfortunately many teachers in Greece do that. I've heard that from many of my students. This proves that the selection of teachers throupgh the ASEP exam is just a waste of time...

Wherlock's Ramblings! said...

Hi Craig,

Mum and I have just read your post. Its upsetting to read. I know that if something like that was happening to josh or maisie, Jason would see red. A teacher would get struck off in England for bullying and violence towards a child in there care.

It makes me feel very angery to know that this is still happenening schools! Liddy is a bright girl, and did the right thing in telling you. You yourself know as teacher and a parent what you can and can't do regarding disapline with children.

Which makes you a better person than Liddy's so called teacher. Gone are the days of the cane, we live in different world now, times have changed, but some people have'nt moved on with time.

This teacher needs tobe reported, and stopped.
Children are ment tobe safe when there at school, not scared!