Saturday, January 26, 2008

Junkie Redemption

Junkie Redemption

I'm currently going through all my old pictures with a view to collecting the best ones for an exhibition I want to put on. This means shifting through thousands of photos in order to see if there is anything worth showing others.

I came across this image that I took last year the day after I bought my camera.. It is a guy drugged out of his head sitting on the steps of a church in the centre, I saw him tottering up and down and thought that I had to do something otherwise he'd slip and do some serious harm to himself so I approached him and got him to sit down and drink some water.

Afterwards I asked if I could take his picture.


Cheryl said...

I think this one is definitely one that you should use. BTW-all of your photos are worth showing others.
Good luck.

dorapap said...

What exhibition, when, where? Why haven't I heard about it?
This one is great btw!

teacher dude said...

I'll post more details when I get them all sorted out.