Friday, January 25, 2008

Cry for help

Cry for help, originally uploaded by Teacher Dude's BBQ.

I had an hour to kill between lessons and for some reason I decided to see where the Fates would take me and I came across a huge warehouse complex that had been abandoned even before it had been finished. Trudging through the mud and dumped rubbish I took a lot of very boring pictures then noticing the time decided I had better make tracks if I wanted to be in school on time.

Just as was about to leave I saw this woman walking in my direction. I don't know why but something in me said that there was a good picture in this so I kept my camera turned on and went to my Vespa. Sure enough, she approached me and asked me to give her two Euros to buy heating oil.

There are places in this city that wouldn't look out of place in the slums of the developing world. Places where people lead lives of appalling deprivation and exclusion. sometimes just metres away from fancy office blocks and the glitzy stores.

Influenced by Don McCullin

Uploaded by Teacher Dude's BBQ on 24 Jan 08, 11.25PM EET.


Devious Diva said...

I have emailed my friend and I am waiting for an answer. Will let you know...

This picture HAS to be in the first exhibition. You just get better and better...

teacher dude said...

Thanks DD, I'm preparing for this as we speak.