Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Wiiliam Klein retrospective

Thanks to Minas I was able to catch William Klein giving a guided tour of his work.

"Klein, who has not had any formal photographic training, uses his camera to record action and to capture fleeting life. His exhibition in the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art will consist of stills from New York (1954-55), Tokyo (1961), Moscow (1959-60) and Paris (1957-today), fashion editorials and behind-the-scenes from Vogue, excerpts from the films Broadway by Light, Ralentis, and Contacts, paintings, film posters and his famous painted contact sheets. For the first time, Klein will present a series of previously unpublished photographs from Greece (1957 and 1963), having captured Melina Merkouri in the arms of Sir Peter Ustinov, ancient statues that seem to spring to life and everyday faces of the 50s and the 60s."

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