Friday, November 23, 2007

Museum of photography and cinematography - Thessaloniki

There is a great exhibition by the French photographer, Bernard Plossu at the photography museum here in Thessaloniki.

"The Thessaloniki Museum of Photography and the 48th Thessaloniki International Film Festival, with the support of the French Institute of Thessaloniki, present the first retrospective exhibition of the french master of photography Bernard Plossu from November the 13th until January the 4th 2008 at the T.M.P. - The opening of the exhibition will be on Sunday, November 18th-.

Τhe works of this exhibition, the first retrospective ever to be held in Greece, invite us to become fellow travelers on his journeys to Europe, Mexico, Africa, India, California, New Mexico, and Latin America (1963 – 2006). Yet all these travels seem to be a scenery-in-motion for the artist who manages to depict in his works fleeing images and emotions, such as absence. In this manner Βernard Plossu succeeds in creating his own lyrical “immaterial writing”.

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safemeds said...

It is such a great place, I like it a lot, they show some amazing pieces of art.