Monday, October 08, 2007

Using songs in EFL/ESL

This is the an exercise I've been using over the last week to finish off my opening lessons. It's easy, requires little preparation and is fun. Basically, all you need is some source of music which can be played in class. I used my mp3 player and grabbed the speakers from the secretary's PC.

Lesson plan

1 Ask students to discuss the last film they saw with the person next to them.

2 Tell students that you are going to play a piece of music and that they have to imagine it is from a movie. They have to answer the following questions;

What kind of movie is it?

Where is it set?

Who can you see?

What are they doing?

What is the movie called?

(It may be a good idea to revise/teach different film genres at this point using examples).

3 Remind students that there are no wrong answers to this and that they should use their imagination.

4 Play part of the song.

5 Students discuss their answers with each other.

6 Repeat this two or three times.

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Carissa Peck said...

Fun! I love activities that use songs and aren't just clozes! I made a quick list of different ways I use songs ( but I haven't tried yours yet! I will have to give it a shot in the fall! :)