Wednesday, October 24, 2007

This year's blogs

Finally managed to get all my student blogs set up. As far as the class blogs are concerned I'm simply going to use them as a kind of notice board which students can add to as well. Attempts at more sophisticated activities didn't work out well last year and lack of internet access at school makes it difficult to teach them anything more advanced. It's a start at least.

So welcome to

Proficiency 1C

Proficiency Michigan

Proficiency 2D

D Pupils class

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Syzygy said...

I’m appalled that students must protest to get a better education. I would think a government would jump at the chance to better the younger generation a better education, as this would in the long run, make the country stronger.

however, I also am impressed that the students would protest to get a better education when realizing one isn’t present. I would like to see students so serious about education in America. most students don’t see the opportunities they have by being in America, America could have the best education system in the world if it only tried, and its not just the governments fault, the students don’t try hard enough either.