Thursday, August 30, 2007

Last night's protest

Last night about a thousand people, dressed in black, came to mourn the tragic events that have overtaken Greece over the last week. Without fancy speeches and the like they quietly protested the awful mishandling of the whole affair. The mood outside the White Tower in Thessaloniki was one of sadness and muted anger and the atmosphere reminded me more of a funeral than boisterous, carnival feel that accompanies most public gatherings.


Gabriela Sellart said...

Last night I was watching the news on tv and saw images of what was left after the fire. I remembered your photos, the faces in your photos; I watched the news looking through a new filter. I thought about how all these global contacts can change the perception we have of the rest of the world. I'm not talking about analyzing realities from a different ideology, I'm just talking about adding different shades to the way we see others. Not so long ago, this global world meant just economical globalization to me, a sort of curse which brought more suffering and exclusion to undeveloped countries. Now I see it’s much more than that.
Sadness and muted anger are clearly captured in your photos.

teacher dude said...

Thank you, Gabriela. You have no idea how much your comments have moved me.

Ollie Onions said...

You have some really great and interesting pictures.

I was sorry to hear about the wildfires.

teacher dude said...

Thank you, Ollie. The country has a really rough time of it this year.