Thursday, June 21, 2007

Well, I never!

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I was reading the latest edition of Time which was dedicated to the issue of food, a subject never far from my mind, dear reader. Anyway, some things I found out that I'd like to share;

1 Due to a dramatic drop in the more traditional seafood stocks such as cod, tuna and the like, we are now eating varieties that 40 years ago were considered "trash fish".

2 The Ukitas family in Japan spend $317.25 per week on food!!!!!! And there is only four of them!

3 The Aboubakars in Chad spend $1.23. And there are five of them.

4 800-or-so components go in Nescafe. This may explain why it tastes like the runoff from a toxic landfill.

5 Finns happen to be among the biggest consumers of ice cream per capita.

6 The poor still eat mainly carbohydrates and fats, the rich protein.

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