Thursday, June 21, 2007

Is there no end to this?

Imagine, a cop pull stops you in the street. You're annoyed. You have done nothing wrong, perhaps and in no uncertain terms you tell him such. The next thing you know you've been slapped and wrestled to the ground and put in an painful arm-lock, for no reason other than the guy lost his cool, or simply didn't want to listen to you anymore. No, it couldn't happen here could it?

Tonight a new scandal is breaking (click here) with yet another video taken by "cops" of women they'd arrested being forced to strip in front of male officers and kiss one another. These are not isolated incidents carried out by a few "bad apples" but rather the more visible examples of a culture of violence, racism and misogyny that is widely embraced by the Greek police force

Once again the comments on the video above give a revealing taste of public opinion concerning such matters.

" don't believe what the Albanians write...
They are race of criminals"

"u f@ckin english ugly fat bitches...he is obviously a junkie and if u were educated with greek culture u could easily understand that he had just stolen a mobile phone..."

"Criminals should not have rights."

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