Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Skate or Die

Bored with what was TV I grabbed my camera and decided to go to the centre and see what I could find. After wandering through Ano Poli I ended up in Aristotelous Square where I sat watching the skate freaks practicing their moves on the concrete benches. Eventually, I got up the courage to ask if I could take pictures, an idea they liked as they got the chance to show off their latest moves to an enthusiastic audience of one.

I guess this is part of my photography Yin and Yang, I love taking pictures of people in the street yet I'm often too shy to ask, nor I'm I crazy about secretly taking photos all the time. I like the idea of getting close to the person, preferably with their consent.On the other hand taking pictures of buildings, objects in the road etc. is much easier and so there is that tension.

Eventually I got bored of things and yearn for the excitement of the crowds and motion.


dorapap said...

You're just lucky that you could go out and see some people! I'm stuck home!!!
Nice pics!

Aaron said...

Loved this post. Though I'm far, far, far away from being an avid photographer such as yourself, I can really identify with the feelings of shyness when wanting to photograph people. I once saw a national geographic photo guy go nuts in Cuba...the guy was incredible. He was so passionate and excited about the pics he was taking...totally in people's faces, wading into traffic....(really crazy stuff) that people were actually happy to be involved. I'll try and find you the vid...it's like 7 years old. I'm passing your post on to my bro, he's a photo pro like yourself.

Aaron in Mexico

teacher dude said...

Thanks Dora and Aaron. I just enjoy taking photos of things I see everyday. By the way, I'm anything but a photo pro, Aaron. Though I'd love to be one.