Sunday, May 27, 2007

A twenty-first century moment

"But how do you find the next song?"

I was just explaining to my daughter, Lydia how to use a cassette recorder. No big deal except that she knows how to use an ipod, PC, Mac and the internet. I guess it's moments like these when you realise that many of the things you took for granted growing up are soon going to seem quaint, even unfathomable to people born after the 90's. For example having to fast forward through a cassette (what's that?) in order to get to the next song on the album.

I'm reminded of the time I found a box Brownie lurking at the back of a shed on my grandmother's farm, Although I recognised it instantly as a camera it seemed to me something that belonged in the Ancient Artifacts section of a museum, next to to the clay amphoras and arrow tips.

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