Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Making the news

Taken outside the central court in Thessaloniki this afternoon. Demonstrators were protesting the arrest of a fellow students following disturbances at the university after a party on Saturday night. According to the Kathemerini newspaper (click here for the story in Greek), supporters of the second year chemical engineering student claim that he was arrested two hours after a the disturbances finished and was nowhere near the place where the incidents took place.

When the guilty verdictwas announced the atmosphere turned darker and people hurled insults at the assembled riot police. It was kind of hairy being there in the crowd with a camera as many of the protester have little love for the media. Still, nobody bothered me or gave me a hard time.

On the other hand I had to leave quickly when someone warned me that Thessaloniki's finest had started taking an unhealthy interest in my photographic efforts.

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