Saturday, May 19, 2007

Internet redux

Sometimes I get sick of hearing the same old complaints about the internet. I'm sure you've heard them as well, that it isolates us, cuts us off from real contact with our fellow human beings, reduces to screen slaves, digital zombies who click instead of live. Yes, I can just imagine the same kind of conversation a hundred or so years ago.

Time 1875 AD

Luddite A -I don't know what is going on with young people these days.

Luddite B - What do you mean?

Luddite A - Well, ever since they started teaching kids how to read all they do is stick their nose in a book

Luddite B - Too right mate. In my day we'd go out with our friends, playing games, worrying livestock. Now all they want to do is read.

Luddite A - It's making them right anti - social. Hours and hours spent in front of those pages. It's not natural.

Luddite B - I tell you, young people are going to the dogs.

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