Thursday, April 05, 2007

Who reads this?

This is a filler exercise that can also be used as a warm up activity if the lesson has anything to do with the media or advertising. The basic idea is that you give students a magazine and ask them to find out who reads it.

Lesson plan

1 Hand out a variety of magazines (they don't have to be in English)and ask students to say who reads it. i.e. who is a typical reader?

2 Elicit answers and ask them to explain the reasons for their choice.

3 Now explain to them that a good way of understanding the readership of a periodical is to look at what is advertised in it. e.g. beer and car ads often indicate a male readership.

4 Now in groups students look at their magazines again and create a reader profile based on the ads.


Interests and hobbies
Geographical location

5 Students share their answers with each other and justify their choices.

6 Alternatively, you could record some ads off the TV and ask the students to discuss what programme was on and who watches it.

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