Wednesday, April 11, 2007

That will teach me

So much for expensive new toys! The Pentax ist -D I just bought is a dud. Looking at the photos I took it seems there is a burnt pixel right in the middle of the screen. This means that I have to go back to Public and probably waste a hour of my life trying to get my money back (the camera was the last one of its kind in the shop).

I hate this kind of stuff as they always try to fob you off with some more expensive model that you don't want or a "credit note'. Sorry, for 500 euros I want exactly what I chose.

Wish me luck. In the meanwhile here are some of the photos I took.


Cheryl said...

Good luck in the land of "no returns"... :)

deviousdiva said...

GOOD LUCK!! I hope you get the camera you deserve!

teacher dude said...

I've tried to buy four different cameras in four different shops and in each case there has been a problem. I'm doomed.