Saturday, March 17, 2007

Seven days, seven photos

The Vellidiou conference centre. It has a wonderful blue, green light which makes it look very unusual at night. This photo is my wallpaper of choice.

Statue in the centre.

Contrasting the ancient and the modern. The haggard and the smooth.

Lydia and me doing her homework. She has yet another nationalist poem to remember by heart.

Leonidas and his friends. Taken in Aristotelis Square during the week while I was taking photos of the passers by.

Lydia and her brother, Kostis. He's just back from his national service basic training. On Monday He 's off to continue his training on a base near the city.

Doing a lesson this week. This one was based on listening to a song which gives advice and then choosing the the most useful life tips.

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