Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A Flickr biography

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Here is an idea that occurred to me as I was surfing through Flickr a few days ago. At one point I came across this photostream which had a host of fascination images from someone's life. However, there were few details about who took the pictures. The vast majority of the images had just a code number from the camera and the Flickr profile gave no clues either.

This got me thinking. Given the richness of the images and the lack of information this would make for a wonderful writing exercise. The basic idea is that students look at the Flickr page and create a biography of the person who took them.


Betty C. said...

A good idea -- I've also used Yahoo news photos, which have a "hide caption" function - -then you can show the caption so the students know the "facts" about what they were speaking about. Of course, you need a language lab for this...

teacher dude said...

I'll try that out after Easter. Thanks for the tip, Betty.