Tuesday, March 06, 2007

20 questions

Today I was doing a short gap filler exercise with magazines and photos when I thought of a more interesting variation. The basic idea for this activity is that you give your students a magazine and ask them to choose a picture. They, then describe it in as much detail as possible and when they're finished ask their partner to find the photo.

The students complained that this was a pretty lame as it was too easy to find the answer, so it can to me why not use the 20 Questions game?

Lesson plan

1 Divide the students into pairs.

2 Give each pair a magazine and ask one of them to choose a picture.

3 Their partner now has to find out as much as they can about the picture by asking 20 questions. However, the other student can only answer yes or no.

4 The student then hands over the magazine and their partner has to find the picture chosen.

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