Saturday, February 03, 2007

Teaching young learners using Flickr

I've been using Flickr over the last few weeks in order to help my student, Aristeidis learn basic vocabulary and tenses. Flickr's Add Note application is a wonderful way to add your own notes to your photos. In my student's case, this means taking photos of his room, kitchen etc and labeling them. It's a great way of personalising learning. Check out his Flickr page here.

We're also doing work on tenses and so after doing stuff on the present continuous/progressive in Chatterbox 2 I asked him to find examples of the sentences we saw in the book on Flickr. So, for example, he looked for a picture of;

"She's eating chocolate."

This is not simply a copy and paste exercise as Aristidis has to make sure the picture shows a "she", that the person is "eating" and that it's "chocolate". Now, this may seem blindingly obvious to somebody who already speaks English, however, it is anything but to a young learner coming from a different linguistic background, especially from one so different to other European languages. Aristeidis then posted the pictures to his blog using the Blog This feature in Flickr along with an appropriate description.

Therefore we practise our reading, writing and computer skills at the same time. In addition the idea of the present continuous (which doesn't exist in Greek) is reinforced,

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