Sunday, February 18, 2007

Seven days - seven photos


C.T. said...

I remember in high school when many teachers would present a very dry and boring review on the chalkboard. There were some teachers though, that presented review information in a fresh way, sometimes in the form of a game, or jokes, or even a project. I think that it is spectacular that you found, not only an extremely distributable way to present information, but also a way in which satisfies the much neglected kinesthetic aspect of learning. How do students' grades seem to be doing since you presented this method of review?

teacher dude said...

With younger students these kind of activities work wonders and I've had no problem maintaining their natural level of enthusiasm. On the other hand adult learners are a lot more reticent about using video and the internet.

Still, eventually, they recognise the need for feedback if they ever want to improve their speaking skills in English.

My biggest problem, though is lack of equipment at school. Anything technological has to be provided by me and sometimes it's not feasible to lug around so much stuff.