Monday, January 08, 2007

Teaching vocabulary using Flickr

Here's something that came to me today while whizzing across the city on my Vespa. The basic idea is that you use Flickr to help students differentiate between similar words which can be easily confused if you just present them as a list in the lesson.

e.g. march, stroll, stride, trudge, wander etc

The students then search on Flickr for photos that best show the meaning of the word. They then use to make a slide show to put on their class/ personal blog. Afterwards they look at other students' blogs to comment on their choice of photos.


amanda said...

thanks for sharing your ideas with us.

i am teaching an "internet English" course next semester and am glad to see you posting some of your ideas for things to do and how to put to use some of the tools you have found.

Aaron said...

Hey Teacherdude,
This idea is really cool! I loved your slides, and how well they showed the vocabulary you were dealing with. Sometimes seeing the vocabulary in action makes understanding it easier.

What a great idea! Keep sharing them.

All the best in 2007.
Aaron, Mexico City

teacher dude said...

Happy New Year to you both. I'm glad the idea proved useful, why not check out the "vaults", there are plenty more fun things to do with Flickr and the like mentioned.

ChargerCougar said...

This is the best idea for vocabulary teaching and technology tied together that I have seen yet. I am planning on trying to develop something like this for my science students. Thanks for the great idea.