Thursday, January 18, 2007

Cooking with the Dude

This is a idea I'm going to try out today with one of my students (click here to check out his blog). Basically, it involves using video and YouTube to talk about food and cooking. The Daily English Show gave me inspiration.

Sarah's latest creation at the Daily English Show.

Lesson plan

1 Students ask each other about their favourite dishes, what's in them and how you make them.

2 Student draw up a table with two columns: in one they write all the words connected with their favourite dish in English, in the other, all the words they know only in Greek.

3 Student work together in groups to find translations for the Greek words. If they can't find one they then ask you.

4 Now show students a recipe that you like. Explain the lay out, terms (e.g. tbs) and grammar used (for example, the use of the imperative.

5 Students the write up their recipes, or if some students don't know how to cook a group recipe is created.

6 For homework students use their video/digital camera or mobile phone camera to film themselves or somebody else making the recipe.

7 Then use Windows Movie Maker or the like to add the recipe to either the end or the beginning of the video. Also, if the students are not happy with what they said they can re-record it as a voice over.

8 The video can be posted via YouTube to their blog.

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