Monday, December 18, 2006

Over the last week or so I've been asking my students to check out the site, which plays host to EFL/ESL student blogs from all over the world. Already many students from Brazil have started commenting on our class blogs and I'm hoping that my students reciprocate.

What I want to do next is set up a site or YouTube groups where students can post videos that show some aspect of their lives. In our last lesson I introduced the Proficiency 2c class to the idea of using photos to make a video. The idea is that they use a program such as Microsoft's Photo Story 3 or Windows Movie Maker to make a video about Thessaloniki, to give people from outside Greece a sense of what the city is like in two minutes or less. Think of it as a cross between a pop video and a TV ad. Also what I want to do is then invite students from other places to add theirs.

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