Friday, November 17, 2006

Mind blowing ideas

In a good month I get about 2000 visitors to this blog, a number that far exceeds my wildest expectations when I started it, however, imagine a school that gets 1.5 million visitors a month to their site. No, not a world famous university, multi-national corporation or big name e-retailer, but a middle school in Georgia, USA.

When I was over at ever interesting Cool Cat Teacher blog I came across an interview Vicky did (listen here) with the Principle of Mabry Middle School, Dr Tim Taylor, who set up the site.
The school is a world leader in the integration of technology into teaching practice and the amazing thing is how low cost and easily accessible most of the tools are. For example, the site itself is, in fact as series of connected Movable Type blogs. What you can't put a price on though, is the sheer inventiveness and creativity of those teachers and students that are making this idea a practical reality.

I found the student produced video particularly amazing. Now that I've figured out how to post stuff on YouTube and have access to broad band at school and at home I'm definitely going to start on some of the video projects I blogged about during the summer.

Check out their film festival here.


Victoria said...

Hey, Craig. I also found some of his students and teachers and interviewed them yesterday and Dr. Tim Tyson is the real thing! You will be amazed at things that the 7th grader who did the stem cell video told me. These are kids who have emerged on the world state literally at a young age and are already eloquent, well versed students. Now if that isn't the point of education, I don't now what is!

teacher dude said...

I couldn't agree more, Thanks for blogging about this. Otherwise I would never have found out about their wonderful example.