Friday, November 17, 2006

Creating a video introduction to your life

Hopefully over the coming weeks or months I will have the chance to get my students to collaborte with students abroad. What I thought would be a great idea is to create a class video that gives students in say, Canada or Japan an idea of what it's like here in Thessaloniki. I was inspired in this by the example of what students at the Mabry Middle School have achieved. The video could take any of a number of forms. Indeed a major part of the lesson would be deciding just that question. Possible ideas might include creating a photo montage of the city using students' and internet gathered images which are then made into a short two - minute video using Window's Movie Maker.

Alternatively, students could shot short films of their own using their digital cameras or mobile photos and we use that as the basis for the video. The final result could then be posted via YouTube to the class blog.


dorapap said...

I love your idea. You know there was an American show on TV when I was a kid, showing the lives of children in other countries and encouraged kids to exchange letters and find out about other civilazations. If you could do that with your classes it will definately be very interesting

teacher dude said...

I hope to do it with my classes or private students in the next couple of months. Now that Ifigured out Youtube I'll post their stuff on a blog.