Sunday, October 22, 2006

Hotel mime game

Here's an exercise I use as either a warm up for more advanced students or an revision activity at the end of a lesson to practice a particular vocabulary area. It can be used with any number of different learning tasks.

Lesson plan

1 Tell students that they are on holiday in London/New York etc. The only problem is that they have a terrible sore throat and so are unable to utter a word.

2 If that was not enough you have some problems with your hotel and you have to go the reception to complain.

3 Explain to the students that they have to explain their problems through mime. Do an example to give them a better idea of what you want.

E.g. There are not towels in my bathroom.

4 Divide the class into two teams. Elicit a name for each team

5 One student from each group comes to the front of the class, is shown a situation from the handout and then has two minutes to mime the situation to the other members of his/her team. If the team fails to get the right answer the other team has a chance to guess.

6 Then the other team has their turn.

7 Repeat as many times as you wish (though, I reckon four to five each is a good number, otherwise they start to get restless).

8 The winning team is the one with the most correct guesses


1 There are no towels in my bathroom.

2 The bed hasn't been changed.

3 I can't turn off the air conditioning.

4 My room is very dirty.

5 I need to be woken up at 8am tomorrow morning.

6 I would like breakfast in bed.

7 I'd like to order a salad and a can of orangeade from room service.

8 I want to use the hotel gym.

9 Where is the nearest post office?

10 Can you give me change for a 100 euro note ?

The same idea can be used for crimes, the supermarket, school etc.

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