Thursday, August 31, 2006

Blogger or something else?

Up till now nearly all of my blogging experience, both as a blogger and teacher using blogs in the classroom/lesson has been with Blogger. Although Blogger has its fair share of quirks and can be a real pain at times, I do know how to work around them and pass on this knowledge to my students so they avoid the time-consuming pitfalls that I went through. However, I'm about to start new classes and I was thinking that maybe another blog provider (My Space comes to mind) might be more fun and easier to use for my students. If anyone has any opinion on this please let me know either vis comments or email me (it's in My Profile).


dorapap said...

If you ask me, I would recommend Yahoo360, the one I use. It is not that difficult to use, you can upload pictures from your own PC (without a URL) and you also have your own "page" except for the blog itself.
To get an idea check my page out

EFL Geek said... - wordpress is the backend.

melusina said...

MySpace is fun, but a bit annoying. I've tried a couple of others and I find them all more annoying than Blogger.