Wednesday, July 19, 2006

a new student

I've started doing lessons with a new student, Kostas, who wants to take the FCE exams this December and as part of our lessons I've helped him set up his own blog. Also I'm trying to bring him up to speed with stuff such as MP3s.

I hope to take advantage of all this technology in the coming months to help him prepare for the exams. I think blogs really give students a sense of audience which is missing if they think that only their teacher will see their work. If they believe that the rest of the world is watching then they make that extra effort to be correct, which pays off in better writing in the exams.

Anyway why don't you check out his site. I think he's made a great start.


dorapap said...

It seems that he liked the idea! this will definately help him express himself!

teacher dude said...

I helped "tidy up" this stuff, though as time goes by I'll intervene less and less.