Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Dialectiser strikes again

In keeping with my stated goal of keeping in touch with ordinary folks, I've included the latest BBC report in cockney.

YerTube 'its 100m videos per day

YerTube 'as launched a video clip cultureInternet video site YerTube 'as said its users are now wotchin' more than 100 million videos per day. YerTube is the chuffin' leadin' net video dahnOld Kent Road site in the US, right, wiv 29% of the country's multimedia market, accordin' ter traffic monitor 'itwise.

The bleedin' site specialises in short, right, home-made, comic videos but a growin' number of pirated clips from mainstream broadcasters can be found also. Last monff 2.5 billion videos were wotched on YerTube, the bloody company said.

YerTube said that its videos account for 60% of all videos wotched online in the bloomin' US, right? It 'as almost 20 million visitors ter the site each monff, accordin' ter Nielsen/NetRatings.

See here for the original report

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