Monday, June 26, 2006

Taking time out to appreciate the flatness

One of the good things about being on holiday is that I can spend more time reading and surfing on the net. So, along with the fact that I temporarily (sigh) have access to a much faster connection means that I can enoy the "flatness" that the internet has been promising for so long.

Over the last day or so I have been doing nothing productive at all, which is tremendously liberating and has allowed me to come across some very interesting nuggets of information. So, please forgive the self - promotion, I'm merely doing it in order to illustrate a point.

Weird and wonderful facts that have caught my attention. Well, firstly, I have been sited as a source in an essay written by some student at the university of Harvard (sorry, the link has mysteriously disappeared from Google. No, seriously LOL), which is pretty mindblowing to tell you the truth. Secondly, and even cooler if possible, I got name checked in a podcast by David Noble who was talking about a Skypecast he organised, and which I took part in. Actually, I was in a park in Thessaloniki, mooching off somebody's wifi connection, if I remember.

Finally, and perhaps completely un-web 2.0, I got the chance to speak Greek in Bristol. Ducking into a cafe to get out of the rain I sat myself down at a table in the corner and found myself overhearing a conversation in Greek by the people next to me. I think I freaked them out a little when I asked them where they were from in Greek. They kept on asking me if I was really from Bristol and looking at my quizzically. I'm not sure they knew what to make of me. The city is not exactly a hotbed of language learning to tell you the truth.

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