Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Staring out the window

Strange facts that you may be interested to learn about yourselves, dear Teacher Dude's BBQ readers.

1 80% of you use English on your computer, but only 2% know Dutch.
2 Only 11% of you use Macs.
3 However, less than half of you use Internet Explorer !!!!
3 Most of you are European (56%).
4 But 1% of you are from Peru.
5 One of you came across my site whilst looking for "aqualand corfu". I hope you read the article and choose a better hotel.
6 Today's visitors came from Poland, UK, USA, Canada, Greece, Australia, Serbia, Denmark, the Czech republic, Japan, Chile and Cambodia.
7 You spend, on average about eight minutes on the site.
8 One of you viewed this site from the Falk Laboratory school, Pittsburgh.

And you seem like such normal folks. LOL

BTW if you want to find out similar information about your own visitors check out Sitemeter.com and Geovisitors.


melusina said...

I used to use a Mac. *sigh*

teacher dude said...

There's an Apple store on Aggelaki St and Multirama sells them (that's where I got mine).

I got the Firefly TV series on DVD if you're interested.