Sunday, June 25, 2006

The future's catching up with me

We Didn't Start the Fire

Last year I blogged about using this song as a basis for a video using a digital camera and/or images taken from the internet and edited using Window's Movie maker. Well, it seems my words have proven prophetic and a whole load of people have done exactly that. Cool!!

Check out the other videos here.


dorapap said...

Great video! I loved the idea!

teacher dude said...

Me too, it just makes you think what other music videos we could get our students to create. All it takes is Windows Movie Maker, which comes as standard. This is just the beginning!!!!

EFL Geek said...

THis is really great - so much potential.

teacher dude said...

And so simple to do, at least technically. Searching and sorting out suitable images alone is a great language task.