Thursday, May 11, 2006

Finding those elusive wifi hotspots

Lately, I have been searching for free wifi hotspots here in Thessaloniki as an alternative to my very slow and not to mention expensive dial-up connection at home. It's a little like like finding water holes in the desert. They are few and far between and "dry up" without any notice. I've had to give up my regular spot on the bench in Iktinou street and have been wandering around trying to find a replacement which doesn't involve me squatting in the middle of the pavement like some kind of techno-begger.

I'm writing this in a small yard just outside a church in the centre of Thessaloniki, on a bench in the cool of the shade. it's now too hot to stay any length of time in the sun, at least for someone as pink and "burnable" as myself. Next I'm off to the university campus to see if I can get access from there.


dorapap said...

I just love St Ioannis church! Have you been down to the catacomb?

teacher dude said...

Oh wow! You recognised the place. No, I haven't visited the catacombs, I didn't even know they existed. Another thing to do once the lessons stop.