Friday, May 12, 2006

Another day, another hotspot

Obviously I haven't been paying proper obeisance (my word for the day) to the telecom gods (known here as OTE) and they have seen fit to cut me off. I've had no phone for 24 hours and when it did ring this morning the call was for next door.

It reminded me a little of the party (i.e. shared) line my parents had when I was young. Then because two or more homes had to share the same connection you could listen to the others phone calls. Not that I did, as in those days the phone were treated with a a kind of fearful reverence as it had the ability to bring financial destruction upon a home if used for anything other than the most absolutely vital of calls.

Anyhow, The lack of internet at home has spurred my quest for free wifi outdoors. Today's find was in the centre, in Agias Theodoras st.


melusina said...

I so know where that is! Wow, kinda weird you'd get wifi there.

I could tell you where to get wifi on Svolou because my inlaws have a wifi connection, lol. But they have a thing that tells them if someone else is logged in.

teacher dude said...

You should get them to set up their encryption stuff that way nobody else will be able to use their wifi connection.

If you see some dodgy looking guy sitting on the pavement with an ibook outside their place then you'll know I've found another hotspot. Just joking.

Actually, It is weird where you can get wifi. I even found a spot on the pedestrian flyover next to the Macedonia Palace !!!