Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Sometimes the big picture appears in the smallest of things, in the seeming trivia of everyday life. Today I decided that I didn't want to be part of a forum (see here) that seems to embrace and celebrate the worst in people.

It all started with a few off-colour jokes which I considered racist and posted a reply. If it had remained at that I probably wouldn't have given it much thought. Like you, my life is full of so many other things to worry about that this could hardly be considered pressing. Then the comments supporting the jokes kept on coming and I started to think more seriously about the "stand" I had taken. There are times when the most trivial of things can make you look at yourself and ask the question;

"What kind of person are you ? What do you consider important ?"

In the whole scheme of things I know this is a tiny and probably unimportant step, but I thought it was one I had to take.

I would like to thank DeviousDiva for her words of support in this.


deviousdiva said...

Good for you, Teacher Dude (are you Craig on the forum? Sorry, it doesn't matter really just that I see you in the way he writes) I appreciate the thanks but really you made the decision already I believe.

Yes, it is a small thing but you know, most of us can only do small things in life. But we try to make the small things we do count.

They are a rather ridiculous bunch of people who see nothing wrong in saying "I'm not a racist but..."

I've heard that shit all my life and it doesn't wash. Call me a humourless asshole but I'd rather that than be a racist troll looking for cheap laughs.

There are so many decent people to hang out with, you do right to leave them to stew in their own prejudice soup.

Respect DD

teacher dude said...

I thought about staying on the forum and arguing my case but that seemed pointless and unlikely to change anyone's mind. Rather I thought I'd register my disagreement and leave at that.

Besides, as you said the internet has so many other interesting and more pleasant places to hang out.