Thursday, March 16, 2006

busy, busy, busy

Yesterday, it seemed that I hit the floor running in the morning and didn't stop till I got home at 10 pm. Still, I had a good time teaching and my students appeared to as well.

I have a couple of private students who have really taking to blogging and this has really helped with their language skills. This is especially true of Antonis who has made enormous progress in the last few months. I was also pleasantly surprised by Antonia's blog which is very inventive and full of humour.

I finally got my black vespa back from the garage after a long and expensive story which started last year when I made the aquaintance of two footballers from Cameroon who did an illegal u-turn which resulted in me crashing into the side of their car and flipping over the bonnet (hood).

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deviousdiva said...

Have you got a link to your students blogs? Sounds interesting.